Future Improvements

First of all, this release of June 2018 is still a beta version.

Unlike other rankings, we are not afraid to list the weaknesses of our ranking. As academics, doubt and skepticism should be first applied to our own work, and we will follow this principle as much as possible.

These weaknesses are however much less problematic than other rankings, and we believe there is now very little room for gaming. If you find other weaknesses, or have simply ideas to improve the measure of the impact of research, we sincerely invite you to contact us. The spirit of this ranking is to be open and transparent, and we believe that academics or public opinion must be listened to when ranking the universities.

Also, we do not measure the quality of the teaching at all; a separate ranking may be necessary for this, and the data collection may be much more adventurous. We however do acknowledge that teaching is a fundamental part of the university mission.

Finally, the authors sincerely hope that this ranking can help decision makers in and out universities and prompt further discussion on this important challenge. There should be no other purpose than to develop long term and honest strategies to retain and promote the quality of universities worldwide.