About us

The founding team

This project began out of a discussion between Maxime Mussard and Alex James, in a coffee shop during the cold winter days (-30°C) in Astana, Kazakhstan. Working in a new university opens up several discussions on ranking, driven by the sense of urgency, getting high-quality researchers and students, funding to produce impactful and meaningful research works. In our numerous discussions, it did emerge as we went along that current university rankings prone to be gamed. The team grew in early 2018 by having interesting and engaging discussions with Bhaskar Choubey.

A paper was also published in the due course which played the foundational thinking in this ranking and you are very welcome to read it and send your views (Mussard M, James AP. Engineering the Global University Rankings: Gold Standards, Limitations and Implications. IEEE Access. 2018; 6:6765-76)

We will also like to acknowledge the technical assistance and intensive work of Daniyar Bakir in setting up this website and bringing his technical skills.

Currently, our small team consists of Maxime Mussard, Alex James, Bhaskar Choubey, and Daniyar Bakir. We want to keep this group growing as an open science project. If you think, you can contribute to this good cause with your contributions and ideas, please write to us: we are eager to hear from you.

Our budget

About 10 US dollars. Self-funded.