Welcome to the Academic Ranking for Academics by Academics (A3 ranking). We present a ranking which relies on careful, transparent and bias-minimized research output measure, The 2018 A3 Top 500 Global Universities. This ranking system uses research impact as the basis for evaluating university performance, with the aim of creating a non-biased, not-for-profit, and transparent ranking framework. The A3 Top 500 Global Universities ranks universities based on verifiable parameters and is purposefully designed to be difficult to manipulate. The ranking parameters are set in place to prevent universities from gaming the system to improve their rank. You can read more about our resilient yet straightforward methodology here.

In addition to the Top 500, we present the Under 50 (top universities which started after 1968), the Top 2000 (with a slightly simpler methodology for the remaining 1500 universities), the Under 20 (top universities which started after 1998), and the Countries ranking (evaluating the research impact per country).

Number of Universities in our list by each country